Conferences + Seminars

Every year the Council convenes a major workshop or symposia to challenge leaders from government, industry and academia to jointly address the mutual problems related to the growing demand in the Pacific region for living and non-living resources. Each event challenges scientists to improve their assessment of resources in the region and to develop new methodologies for research and exploration through the application of the earth and biological sciences and modern or developing technologies. Scientists from more than 40 countries worldwide have attended these conferences, symposia and workshops to hear or present papers on topics such as framework geology, hydrocarbon assessment, mineral exploration techniques, geothermal energy, renewable energy applications, environmental problems, volcanology, tectonic deformation, and marine benthic habitat characterization.

Two major annual events that the Council continues to sponsor are GeoHab, Geological and Biological Mapping, worldwide and the SOPAC STAR sessions in the Pacific Islands region. The Council often supports additional workshops or symposia at times when the need arises so that two major sponsored events may occur in one year.