CPC Workshop on Marine Benthic Habitats: The Key to Environmental Management

In 2006, the Circum-Pacific Council held its first workshop on Marine Benthic Habitats, co-sponsored by the Geological and Nuclear Sciences, Limited and The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research. Links to some of the workshop's presentations can be found below.

Lecture Titles

  • Workshop Introduction - Marine Benthic Habitats: The Key to Environmental Management
  • The Need to Standarize Habitat Classification
  • Impacts of Bay Floor Disturbances on Benthic Habitats in San Francisco Bay
  • Recent and Future Seafloor Mapping Plans of the USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Team and The Consortium for California Coastal Geologic and Habitat Mapping
  • Ecosystem Types Based on Multibeam Bathymetry, Sampling and Submersible Observations Along the Tonga-Kermadec Arc System
  • Seafloor Multibeam Mapping for Habitat and Biodiversity Studies: Examples from New Zealand
  • Coupling Habitat and Fisheries Data at Multiple Spatial Scales to Improve the Management of Coral Reef Fisheries in Pacific Island Countries
  • Overview of SOPAC's Bathymetric Mapping and Modeling Program: Current and Potential Applications Including Perspective on the Development of a Pacific Ocean Information System
  • SPREPs Needs in Relation to Marine Benthic Habitat Mapping