DVD: Perspectives on Energy: Today & Tomorrow

In 2002, the Circum-Pacific Council, in collaboration with Stanford University and the United States Geological Survey began planning a research initiative entitled "Powering the Rim: The Future of Energy Security in the Circum-Pacific Region". This project was intended to explain energy flow within the Pacific Region and to construct scenario studies for future energy demands, culminating with an international summit in 2005. "Powering the Rim" will enhance the presentation and availability of energy resource information and improve resulting decisions about energy and policy.

This 2-disc DVD set, Perspectives on Energy, is an offshoot of the CPC-USGS-Stanford University collaboration. In Spring 2003, an undergraduate seminar series called "The Pacific Rim: Understanding Energy Flow and Policy Issues" was offered at Stanford University. A major component of this course was a public lecture series involving eleven guest speakers, each an expert in some facet of energy. This DVD set, which presents the lectures, offers perspectives on a broad array of concepts, illustrated by case studies and examples, in areas such as energy economics, policy, resources and technology. The lectures encourage viewers to think about energy in new ways, and to consider many crucial issues that previously might not have seemed related to energy. Viewers of the DVD set will gain insights into interdisciplinary topics including pricing, politics, financing and environmental issues. Collectively, these themes demonstrate the interplay of factors that influence the energy fabric of societies.

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